Make life interesting

Oh man! I’m sitting in my office, overlooking other tall buildings in the city. The view is pretty melancholic. A never ending horizon of red sky, a fading blue basked with sunset glow. Had not the scene be beautiful, the city would have looked boring but incredibly comforting.  Where’s my shining youth? I once thought that when I reach my twenties I’d be at the top of the world…having fun, enjoying my work, practicing my passion and having that sex-in the-city-ish cocktail fridays with my girls. I would be Carrie getting carried away by mixed emotions of love and never ending thirst for the city life… or maybe Charlotte in all my uptight elegance wearing the cutest dress ever… or maybe Samantha, living the exciting life that would make teenage girls jealous and dreaming. I’m pretty sure I’m no Miranda but what the heck, she’s pretty awesome too.

After realizing that I have been stuck between work and school, there are many things I’ve been missing in life. Time isn’t always gonna be on my side. So I’ve been thinking of making a list of how to make  life a little more interesting in between our busy schedules.

1. Never eat alone even when you’re in a hurry. Well, as a matter of fact never skip meals just because you’re busy. My boss always tells me that you have to take care of yourself no matter what’s keeping you busy. Hell, those demanding people won’t think about your health, so take care of yourself. The job won’t get done if you’re sick or hungry. Go and eat that dessert as well.

3. Share a seat… win a friend. (Yep, this is common but I bet it will be pretty interesting) You can also try talking to the person next to you when you’re in a line. Interesting stories comes by with people you don’t usually interact with. Then you can share their stories to your friends a million times like they haven’t heard it before.

4. Don’t regret that extra whipped cream on your Frappuccino nor that full cream milk in your bowl of cereals nor the ice cream on top of your brownie.

5. Send that text to the boy or girl you’ve been crushing on. A message to say hello will not kill you. A hello is not going overboard and will not be considered as stalking. If he texts back then great, if not then move on. There are plenty of excuses to use to text him.

6. If you’re choosing between soda, juice or water, choose water. Your thirst can only be quenched with water. But a good hard drink is fine after a long hard day… well a much better choice than beer anyways.

7. Say thank you whenever possible. It doesn’t matter that what they did for us is simple, what matters is how much we appreciate what they did for us. No act of kindness is small when it can make such a huge difference in other people’s lives.

8. Share what you have with others. Give love.

9. Connect with a friend you’ve lost in touch with.

10. Bring a book when you’re going to take a dump. 🙂 Just kidding. Knowledge doesn’t choose the correct timing. Every second is the right time to start learning.

Nothing comes to mind for now… Hopefully I can add to this list as soon as possible.


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