I was way too young to realize.
I thought all dreams could come true.
Too many fairytales, romcoms, and lovestories
thinking…if I put you and me
we have a love that’s forever and true
I thought I was living in heaven
Until everything just came crashing through
You were my sweetest dream baby
That didn’t come true
Now I’m old and I’m bold
I learn from my mistakes
I can now withstand nightmares
Wake my self up
shake away unwanted feelings
Cause baby you were just a dream
that didn’t come true
Reality is what I wake up to
that reality is not with you.
I’ll just have to dream again
Dream again…
Dream again
and again…
and again
Sleep restlessly
Wake up longingly
For now I wish one day I can dream a reality
might not be a happily ever after
as long as there is someone with me
dreaming the same dream I do

How I wish that dream would come true.


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