God is limitless… so are the chances He provides us

God gives us countless chances. He is never greedy of second chances, nor of third, fourth and so on. Sometimes you just have to wait and believe that something wonderful will happen. All things become possible when you believe. By waiting and believing, you are allowed to go over and beyond your comfort zone and you will soon realize that you have endless choices to choose from. God is good all the time. Let not our confidence in Him and in ourselves be hindered by what we think our limitations are. Fear not of being constrained in one moment, in one place…. We have the ability to change that and God will provide the chances that will open new doors for us though they may be the least expected ones. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a little push, to learn to take theses chances, to look up when you’re feeling down, to look around when you can’t move forward. God is there, so never lose hope. He will move you.


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