You don’t need to apologize.

You don’t need to apologize.

1. You don’t need to apologize for the way you look.

You look at yourself in the mirror every single day and see all those imperfections. You will learn that people who loves you won’t even see those imperfections… what they will see is your genuine beautiful self.

2. You don’t have to apologize from walking out of an unhealthy relationship.

You put yourself out there again and again because you feel that something might change. Until something snaps inside of you, and you realized you just have to move on, get gone from a person’s life. You have every right to leave when it is no longer healthy. They treated you shit, and you are entitled to leave, whether silently or while kicking and screaming. They push and push until you reach the limit, and you fall into despair.  Sometimes distance is what you need for a change in perspective.

3. You don’t have to say sorry when you don’t mean it

There is no need for insincere apologies, or long overdue closures, when what you really want is for them to be miserable. Just let time heal everything no matter how slow or fast it flies.  You are allowed to be selfish and unforgiving because you are allowed to take care of yourself

4. You don’t have to apologize for saying NO.

Just because they asked doesn’t mean that you’ll say yes. Accept rejection and learn to give it. It makes life a whole lot easier.

5. You don’t need to apologize for what you believe in.

Whether religion or conviction.

6. You don’t have to apologize for loving.

Loving someone is an uncontrollable feeling. You need not apologize of how you feel. But how you feel is entirely different from your actions. What is wrong is wrong regardless of your feelings.


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