When you get there.

When you are in your mid twenties, you gain a different view in life, and even come to regret the things which now seem so much more important to you. Partying til 5 in the morning won’t be as exciting as it was, but will leave you a headache and a hungry stomach. Eating at restaurants weren’t as exciting as they were when you were young. McDonald’s isn’t exactly a place you will treat yourself. Things just aren’t the same.

1. Your family should always be your priority.

People think that because they are family they can disregard them and their families would understand. But remember life is too short, and all those missed dinners, bonding with siblings and even quick hugs to your parents will be the things you’ll miss most as you grow older. When you have nothing else left, your family is there to support you. Your parent’s home will always be your refuge in case you need recuperation from all the dramas in your life. A weekend with family does a great deal for your body (cause mom will always show off her cooking skills when everyone’s complete) and for your spirit (cause of all the love floating around). Remember that your parents aren’t getting any younger. The time you spend with them is always a time well spent. Your siblings, no matter how many quarrels you have, will always be the one to help you in times of need. Your sister will be eating a tub of ice cream with you of you break up with your boyfriend disregarding the fact that she’s on diet. Your family is a source of strength and as long as you have them your jar is always full, not even half full… but full.

2. Friends

Aside from your family, your long time friends will always be there. Even when you don’t see each other often, they will be your friends in thick and thin. No matter how many new friends you gain, your childhood friends are those who stick around when you grow older. In my case, I stay in touch with my highschool and college buddies. No matter how long it has been since your last conversation, if you pick up that phone now, it will seem like no time has passed by. That’s a strong friendship right there. So keep in touch and pick up that phone.

3. Health

Health is wealth. If you think you can go on watching series and staying up all night everyday… you’re wrong. Eventually your body will tell you that you have a great need to shut down and unwind. You are not as young as you were. Yes you are still young but your body can’t go against the limits which you used to have. Adjust those limits. Take care of your skin, your kidney and eat healthy food. Why waste time eating food you don’t even like or those you know are so unhealthy they could kill you or even eating air… if there is such a thing. Exercise does wonders, not only do your muscles and limbs kept flexible, you are also able to maintain a healthy function of your body.

4. Peace of mind

Yep… peace of mind… and mind you, it’s very hard to keep and to attain. Stop worrying yourself, when you can’t do anything about something but worry… then do something else. It doesn’t only apply to our worries in life. Start doing good things, saying good things, and thinking good thoughts. It will help you keep focus if you have a peace of mind. Once you are one with your thoughts and deeds, you are able to happily do all the things that life has to offer, doors will open for you, people will look up to you. Good people may not have as much fun as the others, but good people will always attract good people, and good things will happen. It doubles your luck. And it will triple it if you act on it. If you keep badmouthing others, luck will run away from you, so will people.

5. Reading

Wish I could put travelling here but not all people can afford to travel. People should start reading more books. Well read people are more interesting. They have a vibe in them that they have seen more of the world than the others. Same goes for travellers. They see things in a different perspective. They are not short on stories or facts or general knowledge. The more you read, the more doors are opened for awareness. The world becomes a better place to live in. You realize that fantasies do exist in this world… in books… and for an hour, a few minutes, a few seconds, you become part of that world. You are given different experiences in each page, a different outlook, a chance to meet strangers, a good company, and even a good walking stick if you’re feeling tired or desperate. Books will give you a reason to stay. It will make you a part of the rest of the world, of different worlds.




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