How would you describe the color red to a blind man?

I was once asked of this question on a job interview and was give a minute to think…I was offered the job but I did not take it.

How would you answer it?

Red is the color you’ll FEEL when someone takes your hand, kiss your lips or give you a hug.

It’s the color of the butterflies in your stomach when you think of someone special.

It’s the color of the rose which represents that feeling.

As well as the color of pain, when it’s broken.

It’s the color of life that you feel flowing inside of your body.

The color of every beat of your heart.

It’s the color of anger when you can no longer reason, blinded by rage or revenge.

The color of death in times of war.

The color of fire and warmth that promises life.

Red is as beautiful as it is painful and deadly.



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