Lessons on Happiness



What 2013 has taught me. This is a late post because I have a lot of things going on with school and my family…:)


1. You don’t only find happiness in yourself; you may also find it in others.

It gives us great pleasure and comfort when we make others happy. The smile you get when you do something for someone is always priceless and you’ll always find yourself grinning back.

2. Happiness is a choice and not an obligation.

Making others happy is not your obligation, happiness starts with one’s self.  If you find happiness in making others happy, then go right ahead, but remember that you are not responsible for their unhappiness. You cannot always please everyone. Every impression is subjective. You may try your very hardest to make them smile, but if they always think the world is against them no matter how much you encourage them, it would be worthless. They need to help themselves first. I believe that when a person is willing to love and make someone happy or choose to be happy, they at least have an idea of what they want in life.  People who don’t know what they want in life have lesser experience of happiness. There’s a similar saying – Sometimes, no matter how good a person you are, you will never be good enough to a someone who isn’t ready.

3. Happiness is found in dreams

Dream big and be happy about every achievement towards that dream no matter how small. You find happiness when you take steps towards achieving your goals. The tears are always accompanied with smiles, the sweat is always accompanied with laughter if you love what you do.

4. Being grateful will bring you happiness

A person who knows how to express gratitude is a happy person. Saying thank you is not only fulfilling to the person you want to express your gratitude to, but it is also fulfilling to the person saying it. It’s a two way street and a sure equation for happiness. This help people shift their anger, bitterness and despair to something more productive and awarding.

5. Happiness does not only come from the heart and brain, it also comes from other parts of your body.

Someone once said that happiness is a hot cup of chocolate, or a chocolate chip cookie, or a stroll in the park, or seeing a landscape. Fulfilling the needs and wants of your other body parts brings happiness. Look at a breath taking scenery, eat a big meal, take a walk or a run in the park, dance your heart out, and sing your favourite song while in the shower. All these things lift up our spirit.

6.  Practicing acceptance and forgiveness may not lead to you forgetting all the bad memories, but it leads the way towards happiness.

Dwelling on the pain in order to move forward and learning from them is far from being a masochist. You have your own pace in moving on. Take responsibility for the bitterness in your life, it will empower you. You will be more driven next time.  You start to accept that in life, you have the power to change things especially those you can’t accept. Once you’ve moved on, happiness is the only thing left and the next big step.

7. Being you, being true, being happy not blue

There’s nothing wrong with impressing others so they may come to like you. But remember, you’ll soon learn enough that only people who truly appreciate you are ones worth keeping. They would love you despite your flaws, would tell you how lame your joke was, would laugh at you and with you but they would never leave you for something superficial. By being the best you, you need not exert much effort for people to like you. People will gradually gather towards you naturally. You are less self conscious and more likely to shine. You will have a deep connection with others instead of something unreal.

8. Criticizing is never the answer to be happy

Everyone is different, not worse. Do not dwell on the negativity, cause luck might run away from you.  People who think they are smarter or more insightful are the ones who really are more immature. Those who criticize are actually the ones blinded by malice for they only see evil in what it is good. The more you talk about someone behind their backs, the more you are dwelling on negativity and bad karma.

9. Fake it til you feel it

It actually works. If you fake it, you actually do only good things to yourself and to others, eventually you reap off the rewards. Remember, hope never leaves, it is there ready for you to embrace.

10. Everybody deserves happiness, never think otherwise

There are days when life feels like a great big wall you bump into… hurt, scarred and scared. You begin to think that happiness are only for the fortunate ones. Well, we are all fortunate people by just being alive. There is nothing you need to do to deserve happiness. There are no ‘minimal requirements’ for you to fulfill before you can claim happiness. You deserve happiness simply by virtue of having been born. That’s it. Nothing more is required. Be happy.


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