“You think you want to die but in reality you just want to be saved”

Don’t lose the inner battle and withdraw from the rest of the world. Don’t lock yourself up in self-pity when there is so much blessings and things to appreciate around you.

Be honest with your feelings, and people will listen. The people you love and those who loves you will help you get through it. It helps to talk.

Don’t slowly give up, slowly put up a fight.

Exercise not only your mind but also your body. Your body is a temple, release all those negative energies. Take deep breaths and exhale all the unhappiness away.

Do not look at the world with only your eyes, but look at the world with your heart. Your heart will show you all the positive and beautiful things in life. Remain positive. Remember that it is only a bad day not a bad life.

Take time in making big decisions, do not hurry nor do not pressure yourself into making them.. All big things take time and small steps. Try smaller goals toward your big objective. You need to learn to accept what you can’t change and focus on changing what you can.

Do good deeds. Volunteer. Helping others helps yourself and at the same time you’ll feel great that you are making a difference with your small achievements. It might be instant gratification, but the joy of making others happy is self-fulfilling.

Learn to say ‘thank you!’ and appreciate what others have given you. Be grateful for the good things in life. You will learn that you have many things to be thankful for.

Do not blame yourself for the unhappiness of others. Do not blame yourself repeatedly for your mistakes. Mistakes are to learn from. It’s time to forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Happiness is always a choice.


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