This time it isn’t your fault alone. It was mine as well, for believing we could fix us, for taking that chance again of letting you in and making myself vulnerable. Don’t worry, I’ve done it once… trying to fix myself and picking up the broken pieces of my heart alone. This time I’m tired of taking chances, giving chances, and letting you hurt me even if it is just by chance. I will always try to stand up, no matter how many times I fall. I may not be okay right now, and I might be healing an old wound that has been opened, but eventually I can say that I’m okay.  Time heals all wounds. This time, I’ll be taking a second chance on love again, not with you… but with someone else. I will take this as a lifelong lesson. I guess it was me who was looking back on the old porch we used to sit on together, reminiscing through the pictures of us which I regret that I didn’t burn. I’ll be gone for a while, and the next time I write, I hope I write with a full heart and stronger soul.



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