Short Girl Problems

I’ve recently seen an article about tall girl problems. Let’s face it… tall girls have much harder time finding a man cause either they are shorter than they are or they have less confidence in themselves. But hey, short girls have problems too.:) Ever started telling a story about when you were young… “ When I was little,” Oh I forgot… I still am.. Silly me!

I hope this makes you smile and say Oh shit… that one’s so true!:)

1.  Getting in R-18 movies or casinos

It’s hard to get into triple X movies, they think you are an elementary student or something. It’s even hard to get into casinos without people asking how old you are or asking for an ID. Well maybe this comes with having a baby face.

I once went into a club and I was the only one who wasn’t allowed to get inside because I don’t have an ID and I looked really young. (T.T)

2. Having a tall boyfriend.

Yep, having a tall boyfriend has its perks but hey, when you’re in a movie, you can’t really rest your head on his shoulders, it would be his armpit you would be sniffing. Same as when he hugs you. You have to take that extra effort to tiptoe or you’ll find yourself facing his nipples. Kissing takes an elongated neck and dead toes or a really expensive platform shoes. Stiff necks and awkward positions… I guess  I don’t need to elaborate. When the first nickname they think of to call you is either, shorteeey or munchkin, or anything that would connote small. And lastly, wow you look cute together, like father and daughter or big bro and lil sis… yikes!

3. Easy turn off…

If he’s not your boyfriend YET, you find it easier to search for something that would turn you off. Most especially when all you can see are his nose holes. So tall guys, please..please, triple pretty please, make sure you trim your nose hairs, because yes, we get the full view. I’m literally under your nose and I can see all the bats in the cave.>< Trust me, you don’t want us seeing everything of you have in the first date. Do brush your teeth well too.

4.  Panting on pants

Pants. They have the skinny jeans which perfectly fit your butt, but hey it’s not their problem if the pants are longer than your legs right? You try everything they have but none just fits exactly. Always having to get your pants tailored is depressing. When can I have those super model long legs??Hmmm… how about never??:) Long gowns are a no no unless you want to continuously step on it the entire night or have an empire cut one where you look like you’re a pregnant child.

5. Po-tee-toes

Tees? They should be hanging!!! But no tummy can be seen. They should be fit! But you look like a potato sack. But hey, you could always pull of the boyfriend look or the leggings under a t-shirt, no shorts or skirts required cause the t-shirt basically covers everything up. You trying to be sexy?? Uhmm.. well just don’t.

6. Please fall in line

Falling in line was never a problem for me, I was always in front of the line. From grade school to high school. I was always in front of the school pictures, always in front of the formation for school presentations. All I had to do was stand there and go to the front while you watch everyone else comparing each other’s height.

7. Hey kid!

It’s extremely embarrassing to shop in the kid’s department. Or if someone asks you where you bought your cute shirt and the label is one for kids. Sometimes it’s fun to shop because everything is so frilly and colorful but if you’re I’m more than 20, so people give you this weird look when you line up in the fitting room.:)

8. Shooo size

Hey if you’re small it doesn’t necessarily mean you have small feet. It is not certain so do not assume!!! My friend had this problem. She was short but had the shoe size of McDonalds. Sometimes… just because I’m small and I have small feet, my mom thinks I still fit in some Barbie shoes.

9. Put your hand on my… head

Yep, my friends sometimes use my head as an armrest! Nuff said.

10. Chair please

You have to adjust everything. You can’t reach the top part of the closet?  Get a stool. Moving in the kitchen is hard labor. You can’t reach the pedals on the car?  Adjust.. Adjust…-_- Adjust the office chair, the car chair, all chairs that can adjusted. My feet just about dangle with any chair I sit on.

But don’t fret… to my fellow short girls out there, they do say small things take the biggest part in others’ hearts. Hahahaha!:)


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