Roses that bloom with thorns are beautiful as well



I think roses are pretty but they grow with thorns. It just goes to show that not all pretty things are perfect. Oddly enough, getting rid of the thorns does not make it more perfect nor pretty. And not removing the thorns does not lessen its prettiness. Just like us. We remain beautiful even with our imperfections. We think that shedding our thorns will make us more acceptable, but in reality, who we are will be what people would come to love. We are beautiful roses… with or without the thorns. The person willing to touch you with thorns… those who are willing to taste a little pain for you and holding on to you, are actually the ones worth keeping. So never define yourself by what you think is ugly with you. Define yourself as a rose with all its beauty no matter how many thorns you may have. Bloom as a great flower.

“A pretty face may be enough to catch a man, but it takes character and good nature to hold him.” –Utopia

PS: Sorry for quoting so much of Utopia.


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