On a not so bad day.

So I’m here in Starbucks… scribbling on a table tissue paper. My night has been busy as we prepared last minute tips and reviewers for baristas (law exam takers to get the A-T-T-Y on their names). Somehow… it doesn’t feel  like a bad day anymore. Sometimes you have a series of bad days… it’s like you’re stuck on the down cycle of your life for a long time and you start to wonder when it will get better? There are also some days when you wake up and you just know that it’s gonna be a less bad day. You just know it… you can feel it in your bones.

Negative things:

1. My pen just dumped a load of ink on my pants while chilling on my back pocket… urgh!

2. I got locked out at home cause I forgot my key and my sister is still out so I had to wait out here.

3. The guy that I might actually like just texted me and my phone battery died on me! Why oh Lord!><

4. He said he wanted to see me… so I checked the mirror… tadah! Looking back is a girl who looked like 50 years old with panda eyes…

5. I walked a block to get to another Starbucks but it was still closed, so I had to walk 2 blocks to get here.

6. I found game arcade tokens to an arcade I’ll never probably go back again cause it’s too damn far here. Oh DDR!

What am I thinking… I told you… I think this day isn’t so bad.

Positive things. (Think positive thoughts)

1. A guy whistling Christmas song while watering the plants

2. A guy carrying what looked like a really really heavy bag cause I can see his muscles bulging out but still smiling

3. Couple cuddling at the table beside me… (Not really sure if it Is positive… cause you know I’m single… please zapp me!)

4. A guard opening the door only for pretty ladies… and though I looked like hell, he opened the door for me… (That’s what I’d like to thkink okay!!!)

5. I just gained a follower, yippee! Thank you so much!!!! (flying kisses)

6. Nice… hot coffee and a cinnamon swirl! The smell of cinnamon and the hot feeling on your hands.:)

7. Getting a text saying a guy wants to see you when you look like sh*t and your battery died out on you… No need to lie for excuses!

8. A building being decorated for Christmas.

See the ending isn’t so bad.

Plus doing volunteer works to help people out is a really good feeling. Hail to the Chiefs! I hope you guys pass the exam.

But at times like these… here are some of the things I like to do and hopefully it’s the same things that you like to do as well. (Yes… I’m a girl so expect a lot of girly things on the list.:P) They may be predictable so if you already know them, take this as a kind reminder instead.

1. Something hot

Yes… eating something hot will help you keep calm or even create a homey feeling inside of you making you feel alright. It’s like eating a hot bun when it’s cold outside, or a good dish at home (like stew) your mom cooked (most especially in asian households). It makes you feel a whole lot better.

Hot chocolate, coffee or even milk gives off the same effect.

2. Watch a good romantic comedy movie or a real tear jerker

A Cinderella story, or a good romantic comedy will do the trick. You can slowly feel that smile spreading on your face. When you see how they fall in love, exchange banters, and how the man chases after the girl or how everything falls into places… it just picks you up from the slump you’ve been feeling.  However, some people may only feel a momentary happiness and plunge a little deeper into depression right after. This is due to a lack of love life! Just kidding!^^v

There are also times I go for the extreme where I play a real tear jerker movie. My favorite is One Liter of Tears.  I feel so much better after a good cry. Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to cry… I’m not really sure.

3. Sugar

Sugar rush like candy crush. Just kidding. I think chocolates will do the job. Nothing like good old old baby ruth for a sweet tooth… Or a musketeer for a cheer. twix for tear leaks. Or M&M’s for your problems. (Please stop me from chocolate rhyming!)><

4. Music and Dance

Ever danced naked in your room with the music blasting off your speakers…. Okay, no need to be naked… just the music and dancing part.:) Music has a special place in my heart. It helped me get through a lot of things. Yeah… just like Miley and Taylor Swift.:) I was even at a stage where every music playing felt like my story being read to the public. I can relate to many songs I’m telling yah! Dancing on the other hand is a release of the soul. It is an expression of emotion. It helps me to stop living in my mind and start living in the world.

5. Smile or do a good deed. Find your humanity


Smile and receive a dozen of smiles from people In return… Wouldn’t that make anyone feel better? If you are unhappy, some people try to search for meaning of their existence… for some goodness. And the smallest way to spread some goodness is to make someone smile by smiling. I believe that one smile at a time can lower crime rates.:) Why not?! When a person feels good by making another feel good, both will less likely do something they’ll regret and will have less inclination to do bad things. If you don’t want to smile then atleast do a good deed. Pass on kindness to others.

“It’s wrong to deprive someone else of a pleasure so that you can enjoy one yourself, but to deprive yourself of a pleasure so that you can add to someone else’s enjoyment is an act of humanity by which you always gain more than you lose.” -Utopia

I’mma be going home to sleep now. May the good karma be with us all.:)  Keep smiling! Peace out!^^


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