Ways to lose yourself

You tend to be the observer, watching what everyone else does and keeping your thoughts to yourself.

Wouldn’t it be different if you were part of it and feeling it for yourself.

Life is reality, and reality is what we do… what we can do.

Life does not happen in our heads.

Imagination is best when it helps you become productive.

Ideas can only work if you put them into action.

Creativity can only be seen when the canvas has been painted.



Don’t be afraid to take a risk or take the first step… living is walking through life.

And life is all about doing what we can to LIVE… (in all sense of the word)

To live is to enjoy the moment you are in (no matter how busy you are).


Start with simple things.

Smell your coffee before sipping.

Sweat yourself on the dance floor instead of just clapping or nodding to the beat of the song.

Walk a little slower and soak yourself at the sight of your surroundings…smell, hear, feel and do things differently.


As they say, there are two ways to lose yourself: in the moment or in your mind.

So choose wisely.


Let’s paint the world and make it ours.:)


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