The mind thinks what the heart knows.

This is just my random thoughts after reading articles on the net.:) Whether you agree or disagree is up to you.

The mind thinks what the heart knows.


So just take a moment and think.


Don’t complicate things. I know how we love complications… we sometimes live the drama, we watch it in every reality show on tv.


But keep things simple inside you. Know what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you’re set.


Listen to your heart. Sounds so cliché right? But remember your heart keeps you alive. Things that make you happy will make you feel alive. What makes you happy?


What sends chills down your spine, put an unbreakable grin on your face, makes your heart skip a beat and those entire butterflies in your stomach feelings. Those are just small reminders of feelings your heart can’t contain. They remind us the beauty of being alive, being in the moment and not getting lost in our minds. Our actions stem from a deeper level.


Why do you think we don’t exactly remember days, what we remember are moments. Moments treasured in our hearts. Chase away the blues, instead… chase the warm and the fuzzy.


Just a reminder, usually what can make you truly happy is making others happy. What’s the simplest gesture? SMILE. So don’t forget to smile and you might actually be part of their moments that their hearts will know and that their minds will always think of.




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