Do not take advices.:)

As usual… random thoughts… I wrote this after reading an article and kept it in my computer… I forgot to post it and whoever knows the original article please comment so I can reference the site.:)

I stumbled upon a letter while surfing the net…

I just found the weirdest advices but which seem true if you really think about it. (copied and pasted some of it)

1. Do not ever work

Picasso used to paint all the time, Henry Moore sculpt the whole day. Others would have thought they were working themselves to death. They actually were reenergizing and reinvigorating themselves. Do what you enjoy doing. Do not ever work.

Work is not a job. If you enjoy doing it, it isn’t work. Get it??:)

2. Do not try hard

Let it simply flow. Jimmy Hendrix did not play guitar. He simply let his feelings flow unabated. Muhammad Ali used to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. (Do not go into boxing though!)

Be yourself. If you try hard to be something cool for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t enjoy it. You will find yourself doing things you don’t even like. Hell, you’d wish you were better of at home.

3. Do not go into any competition

Quality has no competition. Only mediocrity has competition. If you do what you do at the highest quality you have no competition. Quality creates a moat around yourself.

This, I really agree. There is no better way to show the world what you’ve got than by putting your best foot forward. Then you’ll see  that you’ve won the race. Quality in whatever aspect is what we find. So if what you make has quality, don’t fret… people will soon be swarming all over you. If you do things half-hearted don’t expect to produce something of quality, but expect something that will be the centre of mediocrity.

Go do your own thing, mind your own business, and give it your best shot.

4. Do not market

Create your own demand. People are always on the lookout for the good. People seek out winners. Therefore be a winner all the time.

I think this is a follow up on number three. Don’t you?:)

If you feel good, you’ll look good…

if you look good be sure to do good,

and people around you will see how GREAT you are.

No need to be obnoxious and tell people around how good you are. No one wants to hear that, some people just want to see for themselves. If they hear about you, they‘ll check you out for sure. No need to market. Just be you, be the very best you.

5. Do not read

Fire your imagination and creativity. Read not what is written but read into the writer’s mind. It is Einstein, one of the greatest minds of our times, who said that imagination is better than knowledge.

Sometimes it can also be fun and more challenging to be the writer rather than the reader right? This advice is not stopping you from reading. Instead, it encourages you to start reading with a deeper understanding. Imagine more than what the context states. You learn more when you imagine because you tend to understand the essence first before taking the idea any further. That’s when you understand the writer and you yourself become one.

6. Do not run after money

Do not run after money. You will find that money runs faster than you do. Bring total mindfulness to whatever you are doing. Hit Nirvana. Money will feel ignored. It will stop running and fall back on you head over heels. In a heap.

Oh yes. Money runs faster than I do. Start appreciating what you do or do what you love to do instead of just running after money. Money can be earned in whatever ways, so choose the way that you love and would enjoy and feel an enormous amount of satisfaction. You’ll do better in your work and money would just flow into your very own pot of gold. You’ll even see yourself at the end of the rainbow, with the happiness you’re getting from what you do.

7. Do not run after success

Carry on doing what you like doing without unduly bothering about success or failure.Success is also like charm. If you think you have it surely it will elude you.


Being successful is not always equal to feeling successful. Sometimes, we learn this the hard way and at a later stage in our lives. Fulfilment and satisfaction comes when you feel successful, that’s the big difference.

8. Do not take advice

Advice is what others did not take but wish to give. Your mind is your best guide.Certainly keep your eyes and ears open. Absorb everything but add your own pinch of salt. Filter out what does not suit you. (Do not think I put this at the end on purpose. Honest.)

In the end, it’s always you who makes the decision. Follow your heart. Move with your instincts.


Remember, the world may revolve around the rational but it is the unreasonable that shapes it. Push the fear out in making life changing decisions.

“Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of the intelligence.” So don’t be afraid of making that decision, you may be perfectly insane or perfectly smart. It would be better to be insane once in a long period of sanity.:) If you mess up… mess up good and learn. Quite a few things are never reasonable, so most decisions as well never are.


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